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meet us.

welcome to the may nest: our humble home of {three}!

we are:  wife, hubs and the jax man.

we believe life is meant to be enjoyed and shared, so who knows what our little hands might type when we get a stroke of GENIUS, are feeling introspective, or are all together excited about Life.

we hope you get to know us a a little deeper by each posting.

we are in love with our Dude.  {a note for coming posts, Jackson was born with Down Syndrome. he is healthy, adorable and has the most wonderful personality a child can have. i am sure from time to time we will reference our joys & difficult moments relating to this particular part of our journey through parenthood.}

much love, mica {wife} and jonathan {hubs}

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Elizabeth May - So glad you’re doing this!! The more pics, etc. the better!!

Love, Lizzie

Jenny B - The design looks so great! Looking forward to reading!

Will Pavone - What a lovely family! blessings on you guys and your little gift from the Lord

Asheigh - LOVE this. You are so super talented. We need to talk about some projects.

Mica - Bring It. :)

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