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feeling resolute

in thinking about the new year, my main resolution is to live more simply and be more organized.  (i know, i know, Dream On, you say)

here’s the thing.  i have too much stuff.

i hold on to my stuff for two main reasons:

1.  fear.  fear i will NEED those items some time in the future, and i might not have the ability (financial or otherwise) to go get what i need.

2.  guilt.  guilt for throwing away gifts people have given me (us, jackson) or for just trashing perfectly good items that i simply don’t want any more.

so, i feel as though someone needs to let me off the hook, and give me permission to go ahead and throw everything away.

these items might include:  weird shampoo bottles that i keep “just in case i run out” but i hate the smell, so i usually run and go get what i need anyway . . . picture frames that were gifts that don’t match our style . . . papers, papers and more papers! . . . extra envelopes that are odd sizes . . . candles that have just a FEW more burns left in them but i often pick them up and choose another one . . .

thanks, Mom, for giving me permission to go ahead and give it all away.

onward and upward.  time to purge, people.

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Jenny B - There is a lovely Goodwill drop off truck in the parking lot of the Albertson’s on Mockingbird & Abrams next to TCBY…I visit that truck at least once a month to get rid of stuff!

Brooke W - The best time to purge is before you pack up and move. That way you are not hauling stuff that is unnecessary

Ashleigh - Girl – one word for you: Hoarders. It’s a show that comes on A&E (I think Monday nights actually). I always watch that show before I need to do some cleaning out. It’s amazing how much that frees you to get rid of stuff.

Oh, and I always remember what this one lady on Oprah said once…It was something to the effect of “the more stuff you have, the less time you have to enjoy the stuff you want to enjoy.” Basically, we spend so much time taking care of stuff we don’t even want, we don’t have time to enjoy the stuff we do want.

I’m with you girl, I just cleaned out my desk and all of its cubies last night. Feels so good to just get RID of stuff. So here’s my permission – THROW IT AWAY!!!

Alison Treadaway - I’m a fantastic purger. :) Seriously, if you ever need any guidance, I can give you some direction.

Miabella - I’m with you… And we were raised to rat-pack! I’m trying to do the same thing… I’m always ready to thow it all away then the first box I open takes
me for a hand-in-hand walk down Memory Ln., and the nostalgia wins over. Where’s my fire? Gonna burn it all!!

So all this to say, a. You’re normal, and b. You have my permission.

Just don’t hold the darn box’s hand cause he’ll pull you on that walk and it’s really hard to throw
something away like that!


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