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project mayhem!

other big news for the may nest {other than baby no. 2 coming in july!}, we are building a house!

back in september, we took a look at our short & long term goals and decided that will be staying in dallas for several years and it was time to buy a house.  we began the search and were approached by a dear friend of our to consider building a house instead.

we laughed it off at first — i mean, who builds a house for their first house??  the more we looked at places in the neighborhoods we wanted to live in, the more discouraged we became about being home owners. they were too expensive, in need of too much repair, didn’t have a space for me to have an office, blah blah blah.

then, we stumbled upon a lot in a “transitional” neighborhood that we fell in love with.  we were SO incredibly excited about this idea — because we love getting to know our neighbors and having people near us that aren’t exactly like us.

with a few phone calls, wise council, a lot of number crunching, and some conversations with God, we decided that this was a unique opportunity that had been given to us and wanted to place an offer on the lot.

within a few short weeks, we had closed on our house (!) and the schedule for building a new house in it’s place had been set. it’s been all things “project mayhem” ever since . . .

i had high hopes of blogging all throughout the process, but it’s all just moved too fast for me! {we closed november 1st and we hope to move in the second week of february!}

since it was all going to be demoed anyway, we thought it would be so fun to go in first and have our own demo party. jmay invited a bunch of guys over for poker and cigar smoking (inside!) and a lot of hitting things.


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miabella - oooohhhhh aaaaaaahhhh i wish i had been there. LOVE seein you with the hammer, mickers. git’er’done!

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