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any given wednesday

a lot of my clients/friends ask me how i structure my days to handle working at home and taking care of jackson.

i decided to document the day’s events . . . it’s pretty detailed (!), but at least it gives you an insight to what i’m up to.

the preface:  husband doesn’t work on wednesdays during the days, so he was a HUGE help today, and allowed me to go to a luncheon sans Jax.  but typically, he would be with me through the rest of the activities.

second preface:  the may fam is no stranger to busy days.  in fact, i’m one of those gals that gets more done when i have more to do . . .

here goes.

6:45. Wake up to husband kissing me, telling me Good Morning and Goodbye. (he has guys breakfast at 7:00 on wednesdays)

7:00. Hear Jackson happily yelling for me to come get him.

7:15. Actually get out of bed and go get my little man. Change diaper/get him dressed/open all the blinds in the house together. This is our little morning routine.

7:30. Make coffee/breakfast for the both of us and check email on iphone while helping Jackson feed himself some toast and strawberries.

7:35. Realize I accidentally doubled booked my morning with an Occupational Therapy appointment for Jackson {9am at the house} and Girls Breakfast {8:30 at Mel’s house!}. Send a quick text to girls explaining and they graciously change the time to accommodate me! Thanks girls!

7:45. Fox Electric arrives to fix our ceiling fan that shakes.  Bounce between monitoring the two men hanging out in our bedroom while I make sure the Dude doesn’t choke on the berries.

8:15. Play with Jackson for a bit in the living room/watch the Today Show as he plays.

8:30. Set Jax up in living room with some toys so I can sit at the computer to respond to some urgent client emails.  Email back and forth with an illustrator from New York about partnering together for May Books (yay!) & followed up with another client about a custom May Book order.

8:55. Occupational Therapist arrives and we do a little paper work. She starts working with Jackson.

9:00. Hubby comes home and we sit and talk with the OT for a minute. Talk too long and realize I’m now late for my Girls Breakfast. Kiss the dudes goodbye and run to throw on an outfit that can work for a business luncheon later. Throw make up in a bag along with a hair brush and run out the door.

9:30. Arrive {late} to girls breakfast after putting make up on in the car {at red lights of course}.

9:45. Eat a muffin {or two!}, hold sweet Quinn, a 6 week old, and rest/chat with the girls.

11:25. Realize we’ve chatted far too long {loved it though!} and head out the door for my luncheon downtown at 11:45.

11:30. Return several phone calls in the car {thank you built in car blue tooth} and confirm landscaping date with my grandmother for later in the afternoon.

11:45. Find the perfect parking spot downtown in a metered spot, scrounge purse for quarters and run into the Polish luncheon.  Set iphone timer so i’ll know when the meter is about to run out {genius iphone!}

12-1pm Enjoyed a fabulous meal and speaker at the Tower Club. Met a fabulous intellectual property attorney {been meaning to get a few things trademark/copyrighted!} and exchanged contact info. Timer goes off so I know I have 3 minutes to get myself and the big belly out of the bldg and to my car before a potential ticket . . .

1:15. Arrive home to find Jackson just waking from a nap  {slept from 10:45 to 1:15!}.  Love my sleepy snuggly guy.  Got him out of the crib and fed him lunch/changed clothes, etc.  {Jmay caught up on emails and made client phone calls.}

2pm: Drive to GranBy’s {she’s a landscaping guru and offered to help us pick out plans and give us tools!} and looked at plans/load tools into Jmay’s car.  Jax showed her how he can crawl!

3-5: Nearly died from unexpected heat exhaustion at Lowes/Calloways, etc. buying plants for new spring/summer landscaping!!  Whew it was hot.

5:15 Miscommunicated with the hubby about our next location {we drove 2 cars to Plano to accommodate plants} which actually worked out well.  He checked on some knockout roses at another Lowes and I dealt with a Jackson melt down at Callaways. Bought some more plants while holding Jax on my big belly. Called hubby on the drive home and had him order pizza.

6pm Arrive home. Let Jackson unwind and cool down from being in the stroller/car seat by crawling around in his diaper/play with toys.

6:15: GranBy arrives and we all sit down to eat for 15 minutes . . . Jackson was CRAZY about the pizza!  He made a royal mess, but loved every second of it.

6:30-7pm. I give Jackson a bath and put him to bed. Jmay and Granby survey the flower beds, deal with bees, and figure out why our yuca plants are dying.

7:15pm. Join the landscaping crew {GranBy and hubby} who discovered the flower beds are getting too much water. Jmay tests all the valves so we know which ones are which, and we label them as such and switch the settings.

7:30pm Kiss hubby and send him to work {he leads group at the halfway house on Wednesday nights until LATE} and said bye to GranBy, who knew all the right things to do with our yard!

7:30-8pm: Put a load of laundry in (I leave for NYC girls trip tomorrow!), wash dishes/clean kitchen/living room/office.

8:15: Search high and low for my lost May Book which has the address to a client I need to mail a custom May Book to (!!). Remembered having it at Discount Tire on Monday . . . . never found it, but cleaned out my car in the process.

8:30: Lay out all my May Books to take inventory and set up all the retail sales rep starter boxes!! Yay for hiring Dallas, Lubbock and Denver sales reps!

8:45: Back to checking/responding to emails: Schedule three meetings for Mica May Design clients for Monday and solidify plans for our Saturday dream session with the girls in New York! {more about this tomorrow!}

9:15. Check in for New York flight tomorrow and send a mobile boarding pass to my email! Double fist pump for being technologically savvy!

9:30. Design my Bump Diaries: Chapter 31 letter to Baby May.  This is how/when I relax and unwind from the day.

10:30. Prepare May Books retail sales starter boxes for the reps. Itemize out the chosen patterns/box on a spreadsheet and label them. Put back on my display rack in my office.

{this is the plan for after I post this}

11pm. Take clothes out of washer and move to dryer (hang dry jeans).

11:15. Attempt to jump start my packing for NYC. {find suitcase/organize toiletries/move over diaper bag to purse/etc.}

11:45ish. Go check on Jackson and pray over him.  Turn off the baby Coldplay music he goes to sleep to.

Midnight. Eat 2 frozen thin mints with a glass of milk and read on the Kindle until hubby comes home. Snuggle up with my best friend, pray for each other, our little ones, and friends/family and drift off to sleep.

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Ashleigh - WHAT a F.U.N. post. Thanks for sharing your day with us! Going to post a link…

moderneve - you, my friend, are inspirational. i love it, your life, that is…

Megan Staggs - thank you so much for sharing a day in a life of a mom who is a wife/mom/business owner. I have just started by own business and some days are just crazy and I wonder if I made the right decision. But I love what I do and it inspires me to hear women like you who have their eyes set on God, their family and working hard…. you my dear are truly living out being a proverbs 31 woman!! have FUN in NYC

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