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dear husband.

this weekend we celebrated being married for 5 years. {okay, i know we already celebrated in NYC, but you know i love to KEEP celebrating}.

friday: we collapsed in bed after a long week and started listing off all our aspirations for the weekend {read: home projects}.

it was suddenly hysterical and we laughed and laughed in the dark as we remembered each thing we’ve promised to do by now. it was so much fun trying to keep our giggles quiet so we didn’t wake up jackson . . .

saturday: we woke up and went to breakfast with the Dude.  you asked me which year of marriage has been the best and we had a wonderful chat about where we have been and where we are headed.  i love cheesy eggs and endless cups of coffee with you.

sunday: we bailed on service day at church {sorry watermark!} and tried out a new church, just for fun.  we both had the exact same thoughts about the service/experience and that is one of my favorite things about you.  some days it seems we are so knit together that we are the same person, and other days you challenge my thinking with a completely different perspective.  keep it up, my love.

i simply can’t believe that i’ve been Mrs. May for 5 years.  i’m far more in love with you today than i was on our wedding day . . .

you let me fly my kite, and catch me when i fall. you help me laugh at myself. you never judge the half drunk coffee mugs on my desk. you take my car in to fix the tires because you know i hate doing that sort of thing. you think i look the prettiest without any makeup. you leave just enough cookie dough for me to eat when you make chocolate cookies. you rarely complain about anything and it makes me want to do the same. you always make sure i have a glass of water by my bed. you call and check on me and jackson throughout the day when you are at work.  you always join my dance parties without shame.

thank you for loving me exactly as i am.  i never feel more myself than when i am with you.


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Ashleigh - LOVE THIS!

miabella - oh man, mica.

i think i just cried a little bit.
and you wrote this on my birthday… didn’t read it till NOW, BUT…

something in this message speaks to me pretty loudly.
thanks for being so in love.

and thanks for marrying the man of your dreams, that i get to see my sister so happy. you’re an inspiration to me, my favorite sister!

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