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dear jackson.

most of the time, i think you are like your daddy:  laid back personality, knows how to put on the charm, a little stubborn at times too (!)

but today, you were cracking me up during your naptime.  you were laughing, and standing up/sitting down and crawling back and forth like you were in a race!

i watched you on the monitor as i was worked . . . all of a sudden you were totally still and i could only see two tiny feet in my monitor.  i rushed in {quietly} to see if you had gotten stuck, but you had simply passed out mid-crawl.  you were crouched up in a corner and your face was buried in your lion . . .

that’s how i usually fall asleep!!  i work and work and work, and then all of a sudden, i think, oh my gosh, i’m exhausted, and i simply get in bed and close my eyes.

i love you, boo.  you are my sweetie pie and i loved watching you sleep {however uncomfortably!} this afternoon.

passed out

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Stacey - Sweet Jackson, you are hilarious!!!! I can’t wait to have races with you & both of us pas out from exhaustion. Soon you’ll be chasing your lil’ Beautiful Tower of Strength sister all around… or being in complete wonder at her tiny hands, eyes & feet. I can’t wait to hear about all the discoveries you make together in life.

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