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dear mr. may.

i love that at the end of the night, we go to our respective “offices” and dork out on our computers for a minute.  we catch up on the day’s worth of emails and blog posts and make sure each other are current on all the happenings around the world.

since we can’t see each other from where we sit, we have adapted very sophisticated forms of communication: shouting or emailing each other from a room away.

sometimes i’ll hear you cracking up and i’ll shout out, “What are you watching!?” so i can join in on the goodness but you don’t respond . . .

and that can only mean one thing:  Bose Sound Cancelling Ear Phones.  that’s when i know i have to email you to get your attention, because heaven forbid i GET UP from my chair to come see for myself.

hubby, i simply adore our email flirts.  it’s something magical to look forward to at the end of the day.

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