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dear husband: happy 30th to you!

well my love, you’ve officially  not young anymore.

30 years old = a wife, a mortgage, a doggie and 2 kiddos – are you tired yet!?

there are SO many things i love about you, but i wanted to highlight 30 . . .

1.  those big blue eyes.

2.  the amount of TOMS shoes in your closet right now.

3.  your need for alone time {which usually means playing games on your iphone}

4.  coffee time at 3 {with me?!}

5.  your love for people

6.  your need for meat at every meal besides breakfast {chicken IS the most effective form of protein, you know . . . }

7.  your ability to dream with me and let me fly my kite

8.  you are my babies’ daddy!

9.  love your generous heart.  LOVE it.

10. you consider dinner and wine with great friends “church”, and that’s a beautiful thing.

11.  love your hilarious laughter at all things doobybrain

12.  your love {and respect} for your family

13.  how wonderful you are at your job

14.  you try to come home and eat lunch with me and the kids every day! {maybe just because it’s free, but hey, i’ll take it . . . }

15. the fact that you keep me cool. thanks for always keeping me abreast of all things new.

16. that you brush your teeth for the full amount of time {no less!!} that sonicare provides.

17. your ability to tune everything out and just relax.

18. love that you need your sandwiches pressed in order to eat them

19. LOVE how you wrestle with jackson

20. your passion for music

21. your crazy dance moves

22.  your uncanny ability to recite entire quotes after only hearing them once

23. that you remember all the details of a movie you saw 10 years ago {and your patience with me asking a million questions}

24. your salt and pepper hair

25. how you love on “the fellas”

26. your love of history

27. love that we call/text/email throughout the day when we are apart

28.  love that you can’t wait to take jackson to school every morning

29.  that without fail, on date night you say, “how about La Duni!?” . . . every time.  glad it’s our favorite restaurant in Dallas!

30.  you still love me with all my faults and quirks.

happy 30th to the love of my life.  i’m so thankful to spend every day with you.

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Ashleigh - HAHAHAHA…I thought John was the only one who brushed his teeth until the damn thing turns off. They have so much in common. ;)

Cindy Quandt-Guerra - LOVE LOVE LOVE #10. L—-O—-V—–E IT!

tina sandherr - Hi Mica,
Your website if very powerful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with others.
On many occasions I have seen young families with a young Down Syndrome child and my heart opens up and I wonder should I approach them, should I tell them that everything will be OK. Should I tell them that their precious child will be the highlight of not just their lives, but of many others. Should I tell them that their gift is really a gift from God to show the world the true reflection of love. Should I tell them that their child will love them to death, unconditionally. Should I tell them that their gift will teach the world to be a little kinder, a little bit more grateful. Should I tell them that I know this because I have a Down Syndrome sister who is the heart of my family. My sister who lights up every room she enters, my sister who is the the ultimate optimist, my sister who loves to a fault.
When my parents had her 42 years ago, the doctors told them to put her in an institution, that she would never amount to anything. Everytime I look at her and think what would she have been like if they had done that, I just want to cry. The thought of who she would be today is too much to bare.
So I suggest that you treat him just like any other child. That you introduce him to every possibility. That you push and encourage him like you would any other child. For in normalcy and acceptance comes great reward.
And 42 years later, not one person in our family would have Darlene be any different than she is.
Maybe you will get the chance to meet Darlene at Justin and Stepanie’s wedding. For Darlene is Justin’s aunt.

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