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in Love.

i’m simply in Love right now.

jax, your 10,000 watt smile steals my heart about 537 times a day. and the fact that you created your own sign to tell me you want to play the “wheels on the bus” app also makes my heart want to leap out of my chest.  and of course, our dance parties in the car.  it was totally worth it today when the starbucks dude at the drive through said, “i saw your dance moves when you thought i wasn’t looking”.

mads, the fact that you hold your hands over your eyes to go to sleep makes me want to get you an eye mask.  unfort. that would be frowned upon in the proverbial baby “sleep safely” communities.  and the fact that you prefer to stand up.  at 5 months.  and i love that you bust out laughing when your brother or ella dog heads towards you.  you are one social creature, my dear, and i love that you are always ready for a party.

husband.  we are setting our alarms tonight for 1:45am so we can see the lunar eclipse.  of course, it’s midnight and we still aren’t in bed and i’d much rather stay UP and watch a movie, but alas, i’m sure we’ll settle in bed right at 1am and then i’ll want to kill you for waking me up right when i get to that good part of my dreams.  i love you for that.

just sayin’.

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Jill - LOVE LOVE LOVE your post! Short and sweet! What great memories you will have looking back in 20 years! Your kids (yes, plural!) are precious!!!

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