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6th grade wisdom.

apparently, one day after school when i was in junior high, i told Mom,

“Hey, guess what?! I know what I love. Groups, responsibility and plans.”

hmmmmmmm.  pretty weird for a 6th grader.

what i’ve come to realize after 6 years of marriage, several years owning 2 businesses, and now having 2 kids: there is a LOT to plan and manage.  unfort. this is NOT the new news.

the realization is this:  i LOVE plans.  Love Them.  the anticipation of thinking about something before it happens is downright M-A-G-I-C-A-L for me.

when the days are long and the months are short (read: baby/toddler stage of life), it’s just a little bit of daily bliss to think about “going to Napa with the hubby in May” to give me a little pick me up during the daily grind.

i feel like the past few years have been all about survival.  keeping businesses afloat, building a house in 16 weeks, pregnant/nursing round the clock for essentially 2 years . . .

so to kick off the NEW year, husband and i saw down a did a little dreamin’.  did a little plannin’.

And I’m Freakin’ Pumped.

here are some highlights i’m especially looking forward to:

Jan – CRAVE Book Launch and Dream Weekend in Nashville!

May Books is one of 150 Dallas entrepreneurs to be featured in the first edition of Crave Dallas!  it’s super exciting — i had a big photo shoot of the studio and everything.  the book launch party is at the end of the month and can’t wait for it!

also, i turn the big 3-0, and i wanted to do something really memorable, so we are heading to Nashville with our besties, the Carrolls, to dream. I’ll be white boarding all about May Books/Mica May Design,and the Husband will be focusing on some exciting new endeavors for his private counseling practice.

Feb – Jackson turns 2!

we’ve decided that we’d like our kids’ birthdays to be all about giving BACK.  Lord knows we don’t need any more toys overtaking our living room.  so to start us off, we are throwing a kid’s book drive!  in lou of a gift, we are asking that the guests bring either a book from their PERSONAL collection (an opportunity for other moms teach their kids about sharing, ha), or they can bring a new book.  i’m giddy over designing the invites and other details, and some of the fun crafts that we’ll do at the party!

May – Anniversary and the National Stationery Show!

first, we will celebrate 6 incredible years of marriage!  {insert fist pumps here}.  one thing we want to make a priority each year is getting away without the kids/work and really have a blast together. i think we are heading to Napa/Sonoma this year!

then, May Books is heading to the National Stationery Show in NYC.  Oh. My. Word. i’m scared out of my mind.  i’m working around the clock to make sure every detail is perfect, we roll out new patterns, and we are ready to handle large orders, should they come our way.

June – Madelyn turns one!

{haven’t quite decided her “give back birthday theme” yet, but stay tuned}

July – Road trippin’ to Memphis!

We hope to visit the Carrolls in their posh new home for the 4th.

August – Midland bound.

Husband’s shares his birthday with his all time hero, his granddad, so they always celebrate together.

December – Christmas in Victoria.

We are heading to Canada to celebrate with Mom in her neck of the woods!

but here’s the deal. the thinking about it ahead of time is what i really love.  seriously.

if on July 2nd, something were to happen and we need to change plans and not head to Memphis for whatever reason, i can roll with it.  i’m not going to freak out about my plan not working.  it’s an opportunity to plan something new!!

so there it is.  a few things throughout the year i can cling to when it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and i’m not quite sure how i’ll make it to 7:30 when the kids are fast asleep in their beds.

now you all think i’m a total pyscho.  but hey, at least i’m flyin’ my flag.

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Ashleigh Carroll - YAY YAY YAY
And my flag is right up there with you sister. Except mine would have scantrons on it, too.

SO SO excited about next weekend. Just yesterday it was my “get through the hours of 4-6″ motivation. It’s better than my usual – bourbon.

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