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the Swiper strikes again

dear madelyn.

i love how you love your brother.  i’ve never seen you smile the way you smile at him – smiling and laughing if he looks in your direction or starts crawling over to you, usually to steal your toy  . . . which of course, you happily hand him and smile.

a few months ago something struck me on a level that i couldn’t really take in — you will never see your brother as anything but Jackson, your big brother.  you think he hung the moon.  seriously.  you watch him like a hawk, try to do everything he does, and he doesn’t even give you the time of day.  he barely notices you, and when he does, he usually tries to pull your eyes out or makes sure your ears are still attached.

your unfailing love for him amazes me.  this afternoon i put both of you in your crib just for a moment so i could put away some laundry. i knew i couldn’t go very far because jackson has a sketchy past of attacking your sweet little face . . . but this time, he just sat there and you two smiled and laughed at each other for a long while.  it made my heart flutter in ways i didn’t know it could do . . .

and then of course, the Swiper striked again, over and over and still, you kept smiling.  you finally started swiping back — which of course, did NOT make jackson very pumped.  he threw a pretend tantrum {he’s gotten good at that recently} and you just kept on smiling at him, thinking it was a game.

but what was so incredible was the realization that you love jackson for EXACTLY who he is, and always will.  your little eyes don’t see some of the things i see sometimes .  . .

thank you for teaching me this afternoon what it could look like to just love, unhindered.


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Ashleigh Carroll - Mica Marie. No one can make me cry like you can. Sometimes I think it’s just because you’re such a good writer, good at capturing the emotion of moments like this. Tonight I know it’s just because I love you. It has been my privilege to be your friend these last 12 or 13 years. To watch you find your husband, live your life and love your children. Thank you for loving the people in your life with Mica enthusiasm. It’s contagious and beautiful.

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