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trying it on.

several years ago, my sweet friend robyn taught me how to “Try On” emotions.

sometimes it’s hard to truly identify exactly what you are feeling, so you sort of pretend you are mad (for example) for an hour/day, whatever you need.  if it feels good, then hooray! you have identified your feeling!  if it doesn’t feel right, you can try on another emotion. most of the time, i realize, hey! i’m not mad at all, i’m actually feeling a bit sad . . .

in an effort to sort of clear through some mind clutter about the work/mama balance, this past week i allowed myself to “try on” Being A Mama.  i removed any guilt that i should be working on client projects, and hardly sat in front of my computer . . . and honestly, i was scared to death what might happen.

what if i HATE not working??  what if i’m a terrible mom 24/7??  what if i need to start drinking wine at 4pm because the kids have run me ragged?

the most incredible thing happened:  I Loved Every Second of It.

here are a few highlights of the week in mommyland:

i dusted off my REAL camera (remember the days of non-iphone pics!?) and had a glorious time taking candid pictures of the kids outside . . .

my creative energy  somehow redirected itself into Jackson’s 2 year party.  the “casual park afternoon party” took on a whole new level when i had time and creative brainpower to think about it.  this is where my need for problem solving and graphic design skills come in handy . . . i started rummaging around my craft baskets for free little touches that i could add to the party to bring it to life.  {i have a few posts about this coming up — one about the people who came and then another on the fun last minute details, so stay tuned}

we had a blast all week.  we crafted. we wrestled. we swung. we walked long walks.  we sat in the sunlight patches in our backyard for no reason.  we put away clothes that were too small.

all in all, it was glorious.

and don’t worry, clients, i haven’t forgotten about you.


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Ashleigh Carroll - Love this. I’m learning that most of the battle is in my head. I’m trying harder to allow myself to be IN THE MOMENT, not wishing it away for the next thing. So when I’m with my kids, just BEING THERE and not thinking about my to do list or school. And when I’m working on my list, not to feel guilty for missing anything with my kids. I think kids can sense when you’re double minded. Great post Mama.

robyn - It makes me so happy to hear about you cherishing your moments as a mama. I have no doubt that your children experience each moment of being with you as magic as well. You are a beautiful bright light and so full of love. They are lucky little ones. ;) I just wish I lived closer and we could do the mama moments together!

Heather Bloem - Just happened to click on your blog (haven’t checked it out in a while) and saw this post and 2 prior. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! Thank you for writing this out so well!

Your blog and kiddos are gorgeous! Keep up the good work mama! :)

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