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last week we had one of our BEST speech therapy sessions, jackson!!

you are juuuuust now starting to sound out words — you do lots of signing, but you’ve been really stubborn about repeating any sounds or words.

your first {and only} word is Eat, with the sign, just like a true Man’s would be.

but last week, you were in the best of moods! you were laughing and charming Nikki & Lisa, and you wanted to please us so badly . . .


we were working with a new toy, Tic Tac Tony {which i cannot find ANYWHERE, if anyone knows how to get it, let me know!!} and were sounding out More.  you have signed “more” since about 10 months old, but have never said it once . . .


and all of a sudden, you just SAID IT!!!!!  oh, and you were so proud!!  you tried and tried . . . and what we haven’t realized {bad mommy!!} was that you need to be reminded to put your head down and close your mouth.  your mouth is open quite often, with your head tilted to the back, and MAN is it hard to say words like that!

so, you suddenly realized that if you put your hands to your mouth and help close it, you can do your M’s!!!  hooray!


oh, i was so very proud of you.  there was a LOT of celebrating and hooping and hollerin’.

DSC_0558DSC_0562DSC_0561i will always celebrate the small victories with you, my jackson, because i know they are major victories for you.  i cannot wait for the day you say Mama . . . i’ll swoop you up and kiss those cheeks like crazy.  i lover you, jax man!

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robyn - you are precious. i am so happy for your kids to have you as their mama.

Alison Treadaway - Jackson is SOOO handsome! I teared up reading about this entry. Such a great boy you have there!

Best of wishes in Houston. I’m from there.. it’s not that bad!

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